20 Irregular Plural Nouns Sentences

20 Irregular Plural Nouns Sentences! Are you looking to find how irregular plural nouns are used in sentences? Then this guide is for you! Since irregular plural nouns are confusing, they follow their own rules, which can easily be learned. After reading this post, you’ll be able to learn to recognize and use irregular plural nouns in sentences.

What Are Irregular Plural Nouns in English?

An irregular plural noun refers to a noun that does not follow the standard rules of forming a plural form. They may be the same as the singular form or have a different spelling or a completely different form.

For example, the noun ‘man’ is singular, its plural form is ‘men’, and the noun ‘fish’ is singular, and its plural form is ‘fish.’

20 Irregular Plural Nouns Sentences

20 Irregular Plural Nouns Sentences
  1. They said they would send three men to fix the telephone line.
  2. He made a large pond in his house where several large fish live in it.
  3. This food is contaminated with bacteria, but it does not smell bad.
  4. They selected the students for the scholarship by financial criteria alone.
  5. All the Labor in this company is facing identity and debt crises.
  6. Do you have any children?
  7. The all-school curricula should be made as easy as possible.
  8. We need experimental data to make this type of model.
  9. I like to watch the herd of deer frolic in my garden.
  10. We need at least two dice to start playing the game.
  11. A more significant number of dormice is found in southern England.
  12. The bright fungi look like exotic vegetables from outer space.
  13. They kept several geese on his farms.
  14. I am exhausted because I have been on my feet all day.
  15. Please cut these apples into halves (into two equal parts).
  16. When she arrived, I was sweeping up leaves in the garden.
  17. When the building collapsed, hundreds of lives were died.
  18. It is a big building, but we clean all the rooms ourselves.
  19. I don’t believe in the paranormal and other psychic phenomena.
  20. It would be best if you brushed/cleaned your teeth regularly.

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