30 Examples of Noun Sentences, Nouns Example Sentences

30 examples of noun sentences! Nouns represent the most important word class. They are the ones to be learned by children and usually the most meaningful. They name the things around us.

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If we asked someone to name ‘things’ or ‘persons,’ they would probably come up with a list like teacher, doctor, boy, school, desk, mobile, etc. We can divide nouns into several categories, such as proper, common, abstract, concrete, material, collective, and compound nouns. In this blog post, we will deal with 30 examples of noun sentences or noun example sentences that will help learners easily identify nouns in sentences and understand how to use nouns belonging to different categories in your sentences.

What Are 30 Examples of Noun Sentences

30 Examples of Noun Sentences
  1. The house was not only cold but also damp.
  2. He didn’t give me any good advice.
  3. I have a limited knowledge of Chinese.
  4. We had an extraordinary experience last month.
  5. The statue was made of stone.
  6. It is mainly a summer sport in India.
  7. There are a lot of problems in the world.
  8. The gang is fighting every time.
  9. None of the matches I watched were any good.
  10. I owe her twenty dollars; I will give it to her on Tuesday.
  11. It was such bad weather that we had to go home.
  12. There are many little birds in the garden.
  13. January is often the coldest month in winter.
  14. Who is your favorite actor?
  15. He is an excellent cook.
  16. I eat rice every day.
  17. There is some sand in my shoes.
  18. This house has no electricity.
  19. I haven’t got enough cups.
  20. This boy lives with his aunt.
  21. The geese crossed the road near us.
  22. The teacher was famous for his wisdom.
  23. Have you ever thought of the happy days of your childhood?
  24. The state of being happy is happiness.
  25. Some of the furniture was destroyed in the fire.
  26. I loved the cool of the early morning.
  27. We shall go dancing on Friday night.
  28. Please lay the table for lunch.
  29. They have a daughter and seven sons.
  30. You need to put all your records on the computer.

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