Deal Past Tense: Deal in the Past Tense in English

Deal past tense: Are you looking to find the forms of the verb deal? If so, you have found the right article. In this blog post, you’ll learn the past tense and past participle of the verb deal with conjugation in English.

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The verb deal is an irregular verb. The past tense and past participle of deal is the same, i.e., dealt.

Meaning: to do business or to share out something

Verb Deal V1V2V3 Forms

Present Tense of DealPast Tense of DealPast Participle of DealPresent Participle
Deal (Deals 3rd person singular)DealtDealtDealing
Deal Past Tense

Deal Verb Conjugation Active Voice

Deal Simple Present Tense

  • I/We deal
  • He/She/it deals
  • You/They deal

Deal Past Simple Tense

  • I/We dealt
  • He/She/it dealt
  • You/They dealt

Simple Future Tense

  • I/We will deal
  • He/She/It will deal
  • You/They will deal

Present Continuous Tense

  • I am dealing
  • He/She/It is dealing
  • We/You/They are dealing

Past Continuous Tense

  • I was dealing
  • He/She/It was dealing
  • We/You/They were dealing

Future Continuous Tense

  • I/We will be dealing
  • He/She/It will be dealing
  • You/They will be dealing

Present Perfect Tense

  • I/We have dealt
  • He/She/It has dealt
  • You/They have dealt

Past Perfect Tense

  • I/We had dealt
  • He/She/It had dealt
  • You/They had dealt

Future Perfect Tense

  • I/We will have dealt
  • He/She/It will have dealt
  • You/They will have dealt

Present Perfect Continuous Tense

  • I/We have been dealing
  • He/She/It has been dealing
  • You/They have been dealing

Past Perfect Continuous Tense

  • I/We had been dealing
  • He/She/It had been dealing
  • You/They had been dealing

Future Perfect Continuous Tense

  • I/We will have been dealing
  • He/She/It will have been dealing
  • You/They will have been dealing

Deal Verb Conjugation Passive Voice

Simple Present Tense

  • I am dealt
  • He/She/It is dealt
  • We/You/They are dealt

Simple Past Tense

  • I was dealt
  • He/She/It was dealt
  • We/You/They were dealt

Simple Future Tense

  • I will be dealt
  • We will be dealt
  • You will be dealt
  • He/She/It will be dealt
  • They will be dealt

Present Continuous Tense

  • I am being dealt
  • We are being dealt
  • You are being dealt
  • He/She/It is being dealt
  • They are being dealt

Past Continuous Tense

  • I was being dealt
  • We were being dealt
  • You were being dealt
  • He/She/It was being dealt
  • They were being dealt

Present Perfect Tense

  • I/We have been dealt
  • He/She/It has been dealt
  • You/They have been dealt

Past Perfect Tense

  • I had been dealt
  • We had been dealt
  • You had been dealt
  • He/She/It had been dealt
  • They had been dealt

Future Perfect Tense

  • I will have been dealt
  • We will have been dealt
  • You will have been dealt
  • He/She/It will have been dealt
  • They will have been dealt

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