Demonstrative Pronouns 10 Sentences with List of Demonstrative Pronouns

Demonstrative pronouns 10 sentences! Pronouns are divided into several categories, such as personal, relative, and intensive pronouns. Demonstrative pronouns are one of the most widely used categories in English. They must be correctly identified and practiced in order to be able to use them well in sentences. This blog post addresses demonstrative pronouns 10 sentences and 5 examples of demonstrative pronouns in sentences separately. Demonstrative pronouns demonstrate or show that something is either the subject or object of the sentence.

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List of Demonstrative Pronouns

This and That (Singular): “This” refers to someone or something nearby, and “That” points to someone or something in the distance
These and Those (Plural)

Demonstrative Pronouns 10 Sentences

Demonstrative Pronoun 10 Sentences (Demonstrative Pronouns Examples)

  • This man is in a lot of trouble. (“This” means he is nearby and singular)
  • That man was arrogant. (“That” shows he is in the distance)
  • Did you buy those in London? (“Those” they are in the distance)
  • That purse on the table is mine.
  • These students in this section are very clever.
  • He bought some of these.
  • I borrowed these from him.
  • That wasn’t really your job, but I really appreciate you accepting it anyway.
  • That is the funniest movie we have ever watched.
  • You thought I would never find that.

5 Examples of Demonstrative Pronouns in Sentences

  • These are the best mangoes we have ever tasted.
  • Those young boys were causing the trouble.
  • I can do better than that.
  • These movies are enjoyable.
  • Those boys are my friends.
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