Past Tense of Swing (V1 V2 V3 & V4 Form of Swing)

Past Tense of Swing! The word “Swing” is an irregular verb. The past tense and past participle of swing is swung. This page will explore the meaning and forms of the irregular verb swing along with conjugation in both active and passive voice.

Forms of Swing V1V2V3 (Past and Past Participle of Swing)

Past Tense of Swing

Swing Meaning: To move back and forth while suspended from something

Swing Present TenseSwing Past TenseSwing Past ParticipleSwing Present Participle

Verb Swing Conjugation

Swing Past Tense and Past Participle

Swing Present Tense

Structure: Subject + Swing Base Form

  • I/We swing
  • He/She/It swings
  • You/They swing

Swing Past Tense

Structure: Subject + Swing Past Form

  • I/We swung
  • He/she/It swung
  • You/They swung

Swing Future Tense

Structure: Subject + will + Swing Base Form

  • I/We will swing
  • He/She/It will swing
  • You/They will swing

Present Continuous

Structure: Subject + is/am/are Swing Present Participle

  • I am swinging
  • He/She/It is swinging
  • We/You/They are swinging

Past Continuous

Structure: Subject + was/were + Swing Present Participle

  • I was swinging
  • He/She/It was swinging
  • We/You/They were swinging

Future Continuous

Structure: Subject + will be + Swing Present Participle

  • I/We will be swinging
  • He/She/It will be swinging
  • You/They will be swinging

Swing Past Participle Conjugation

Present Perfect Tense

Structure: Subject + have/has + Swing Past Participle

  • I/We have swung
  • He/She/It has swung
  • You/They have swung

Past Perfect Tense

Structure: Subject + had + Swing Past Participle

  • I/We had swung
  • He/She/It had swung
  • You/They had swung

Future Perfect Tense

Structure: Subject + will have + Swing Past Participle

  • I/We will have swung
  • He/She/It will have swung
  • You/They will have swung

Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Structure: Subject + have been + Swing Present Participle

  • I/We have been swinging
  • He/She/It has been swinging
  • You/They have been swinging

Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Structure: Subject + had been + Swing Present Participle

  • I/We had been swinging
  • He/She/It had been swinging
  • You/They had been swinging

Future Perfect Continuous Tense

Structure: Subject + will have been + Swing Present Participle

  • I/We will have been swinging
  • He/She/It will have been swinging
  • You/They will have been swinging

Verb Swing Conjugation Passive Voice

Simple Present Tense

  • I am swung
  • He/She/It is swung
  • We/You/They are swung

Simple Past Tense

  • I was swung
  • He/She/It was swung
  • We/You/They were swung

Simple Future Tense

  • I/We will be swung 
  • He/She/It shall be swung
  • You/They shall be swung

Present Continuous Tense

  • I am being swung
  • He/She/It is being swung
  • We/You/They are being swung

Past Continuous Tense

  • I was being swung
  • He/She/It was being swung
  • We/You/They were being swung

Present Perfect Tense

  • I/We have been swung
  • He/She/It has been swung
  • You/They have been swung

Past Perfect Tense

  • I/We had been swung
  • He/She/It had been swung
  • You/They had been swung

Future Perfect Tense

  • I/We will have been swung
  • He/She/It will have been swung
  • You/They will have been swung

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