100 Sentences of Would (Modal Would Sentences Examples in English)

100 Sentences of Would! The word “Would” negative “Wouldn’t” is a modal auxiliary verb that has a variety of functions and uses and is used to ask for things, for example, “I would like a seat by the window.” It is more polite than “I want.” We can use the expression “Would you like….?” To offer things such as drink. We also use this when we are imagining an action or situation.

In this article, you will study 100 sentences of would.

Positive Sentences with The Word Would

100 Sentences of Would Positive
  • I would like two eggs, please.
  • She would be in the office.
  • He would be in the market at this time.
  • She would bake on Friday mornings.
  • He would be about 60 now.
  • I wish you would support our candidate in this election.
  • He said that Ray would help us.
  • I wish her family would agree to my proposal.
  • My mom would keep shouting, though I asked her not to.
  • Peter said he would only go with his father.
  • His brother promised us that he would give you the money.
  • We would like to meet the manager, please.
  • None of us thought that she would resign.
  • I would like to try on this bike, please.
  • I don’t believe that you would drive a car like that.
  • It would be costly for him to buy that car.
  • If humans had wings, they would fly everywhere.
  • I knew you would enjoy the movie.
  • The boy asked me what I would like to do.
  • My friend and his family would come to our home for lunch on the first date of next month.

100 Sentences of Would

  • Не asked when I would соmе back.
  • I would like some information about the hostel, please.
  • Her friends were friendly people, but they would play the game all night.
  • I am tired of studying. I would like a rest.
  • I wish he would return soon.
  • I would lend him money when he was ill.
  • I would visit this garden every other Sunday.
  • When I was thirteen, my brother would take me to the beach once a month.
  • When we were students, we would spend less than now.
  • I didn’t expect there would be someone to help me.
  • I asked the older lady if she would ever forgive me.
  • I would prefer to stop studying now.
  • They would recognize my brother if they met him.
  • I wish the men would stop the fighting.
  • I would call and find nobody in.
  • Would you marry that girl? No, I’d never marry a girl like that.
  • I would do anything for him.
  • If only he would tell me what was wrong.
  • She would rather stay.

100 Sentences of Would (Negative Sentences with The Word Would)

100 Sentences of Would Negative
  • I wouldn’t like to be shorter.
  • He wouldn’t go out with me this evening.
  • My son wouldn’t say where he had been all day.
  • I wouldn’t like to play the piano now.
  • If he offered me some more rice, I wouldn’t refuse.
  • He said he would not come.
  • She said that the car wouldn’t start.
  • He tried hard, but the car wouldn’t start.
  • They wouldn’t decide to go for a picnic.
  • It wouldn’t be safe for him to leave the room at this time of night.
  • The photo wouldn’t stick to the wall.
  • The bike wouldn’t start this morning.
  • I wouldn’t dream of hurting her.
  • We were hoping they wouldn’t forget to participate.
  • I wouldn’t go to the museum alone if I were you.
  • He promised he wouldn’t forget my birthday.
  • Whenever there was rain, we wouldn’t go on a walk.
  • We started running, but we wouldn’t get there in time.
  • I wouldn’t like to live by the sea.
  • Before going to Saudi Arabia, I wouldn’t have learned anything beforehand.
  • They wouldn’t have come to the party anyway.
  • I knew you wouldn’t reach the school in time.
  • He wouldn’t come out of his home all day.
  • I wish they wouldn’t stop work on Sunday.
  • I would not like to spend the night in a hot room.
  • I wish you wouldn’t speak so loudly.
  • I wouldn’t apologize if I were you.
  • That ground wouldn’t hold more than three thousand people.
  • I thought for some time that he wouldn’t swim for ten minutes.
  • Everybody wishes he wouldn’t leave the office.
  • He wouldn’t say what was wrong when we asked.
  • If only you wouldn’t sleep here.
  • We wish you wouldn’t listen to music so loudly.
  • I wish the rain wouldn’t stop.

Interrogative Sentences with The Word Would

100 Sentences of Would Interrogative
  • Would you like a glass of water?
  • How many breads would you like?
  • Would you like to come to London with us?
  • Would you take me to the airport?
  • Would you send me a book?
  • Would you dance at the party tomorrow?
  • If your father came into the room, what would you do?
  • Would you like another piece of bread?
  • Ahmad, would you do me a favour?
  • Would you wait for 30 minutes here, please?
  • Would you come this way, please?
  • You would like tea now, wouldn’t you?
  • Where would the children like to go on Independence Day?
  • What suit would you like?
  • Would you please drive the bike for me?
  • Would you like to come over for lunch on Monday?
  • Would Ahmad mind helping me wash the kitchen?
  • Would you call the office for me, please?
  • What movie would you suggest we watch instead?
  • Would you mind if we watched the movie?
  • Where would be an excellent hotel to stay that night?
  • Why would he lie to his father?
  • Why wouldn’t he stop smoking?
  • Would you excuse them for a moment, Samad?
  • Who is that man? He would be your brother.
  • Would she be sixteen?

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