20 Examples of Transitive Verbs with Sentences

Before we list 20 examples of transitive verbs, we will first define them. A transitive verb needs or takes an object to receive the action; in simple words, a transitive verb needs the receiver of the action. The receiver of the action, i.e., the object, can be a noun, pronoun, or a phrase. In the sentence, “I sent a parcel to my mother.” Here, the verb “sent” is transitive. Like this one, without an object, some verbs cannot function.

I sent.

“Sent what” (thus, the verb sent needs an object for complete meaning, so it is a transitive verb.)

This article will explore 20 examples of transitive verbs with example sentences.

List of 20 Transitive Verbs in English

20 Examples of Transitive Verbs
  1. Write
  2. Buy
  3. Close
  4. Take
  5. Offer
  6. Give
  7. Affect
  8. Allow
  9. Blame
  10. Capture
  11. Classify
  12. Describe
  13. Elect
  14. Excavate
  15. Identify
  16. Measure
  17. Purchase
  18. Put
  19. Restore
  20. Cook

Transitive Verbs Examples Sentences

  • Write: Write his name here.
  • Buy: Can you buy us some fruit?
  • Close: She closed the door.
  • Take: I will take her by car.
  • Offer: He was offered two jobs in this bank.
  • Give: He gave her a smartphone.
  • Affect: These changes will affect many children.
  • Allow: They do not allow foreign journalists in this organization.
  • Blame: He will blame me if he misses the bus.
  • Capture: The shoe company captures 70 percent of the market.
  • Classify: They classified the books in the library according to subject.
  • Describe: She describes the issue in detail.
  • Elect: They elected her as their representative in the class.
  • Excavate: The archaeologists will excavate the site.
  • Identify: Can you identify the man who attacked you?
  • Measure: Let’s measure the table to see if it fits here.
  • Purchase: They recently purchased this car.
  • Put: He put all the books on the table.
  • Restore: He restored the painting to an earlier good condition.
  • Cook: We don’t cook meat very often in the hostel.

Note: We generally change transitive verbs into passive, but sometimes, a sentence with a transitive verb can’t be used in the passive form.

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