20 Examples of Ditransitive Verbs in English

20 Examples of Ditransitive Verbs! A verb will be transitive when it has a direct object. But there are some verbs which are followed by two objects. Ditransitive verbs refer to those verbs which are followed by two objects.

This article will look at 20 examples of ditransitive verbs with example sentences that will help you understand the concept of ditransitive verbs in English.

List of 20 Ditransitive Verbs

20 Examples of Ditransitive Verbs
  1. Bring
  2. Buy
  3. Give
  4. Take   
  5. Leave 
  6. Sing 
  7. Lend
  8. Show
  9. Make
  10. Send
  11. Offer
  12. Teach
  13. Pass
  14. Wish
  15. Pay
  16. Tell 
  17. Promise
  18. Write
  19. Read
  20. Refuse

Examples of Ditransitive Verbs in Sentences

The following are examples of ditransitive verbs in sentences. In each sentence, the verb which is ditransitive, i.e., followed by two objects, is written in bold.

  • He built me a new shop. /He built a new shop for me.
  • Can you give me that glass of water? / Can you give that glass of water to me?
  • The teacher didn’t tell me the answer.
  • I made him happy.
  • He teaches me economics.
  • She baked me a cake.
  • He gave every child a toffee.
  • I sent her a beautiful gift.
  •  I gave her a camera for the vacation trip.
  • The woman baked a batch of cupcakes for us.
  • They took the guests a bunch of flowers.
  • The officer found the teacher asleep.
  • Could he send me the books?
  • They set the prisoners free.
  • Lend me ten dollars, will you?
  • I will lend him some.
  • This lengthy speech made me sick.
  • He awarded himself a bar of chocolate.
  • Keep me a set, will you?
  • I wish his son a happy birthday.
  • It made me tired.
  • They bought us some fruit.
  • Let me make you some sweets.
  • We would love to show them our home.
  • He explained the procedure to me.
  • The thief confessed his crime to the police.
  • I took some fruits to my sister.
  • Bring me that cup/Bring that cup to me.
  • I bought my sister some flowers/I bought some flowers for my sister.
  • He didn’t leave a message for me.
  • He didn’t offer us any food.

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