Zero Conditional Examples: 30 Sentences Using Zero Conditional

Zero Conditional Examples! If you want to talk about something that is real or a scientific fact, then you will require the use of the zero conditional. We describe things using zero conditional that are always true or always happen in certain circumstances, e.g., scientific facts. We can formulate the zero conditional sentences in the following way.

For example, If X happens, Y happens.

We use the present simple tense (also called the present indefinite) in both clauses.

  • If you press the switch, the light comes on.

If you press the switch (present simple tense,)
the light comes on. (present simple tense)

In this section, we will be looking for zero conditional examples, positive and negative, and questions that will help you use zero conditional examples to describe facts and real things.

Zero Conditional Examples Positive

  • If we heat water to 1000 C, it boils.
  • If the sun shines, snow melts.
  • If we boil water, it turns into vapors.
  • We get wet if it rains.
  • If I say yes, she says no. (Habitual)
  • If the children work too much, they get tired
  • If we cool the steam, it turns back into water.
  • If you want to go with me, let me know before sunset.
  • If you miss a paper, the teacher fails you.
  • If we heat a piece of metal, it expands.
  • If we freeze a piece of metal, it contracts.
  • These materials make a lot of black smoke when they burn.
  • If we freeze water, it expands.
  • If you add six and six, you get twelve.
  • If the TV speaker is too loud, turn it down.

Zero Conditional Examples Negative

  • If there is no shortage of a commodity, its price goes down.
  • If my child hasn’t a cold, I usually don’t catch it.
  • If Dad is late for dinner, we don’t start eating without him.
  • You don’t get a new color if you don’t mix different colors.
  • If I don’t feel well, I go to bed.
  • We get thirsty if we don’t drink water for a long time.
  • He doesn’t always answer if I phone him after office time.
  • If you don’t understand this, look for some more examples in the book.
  • If you are under 18, don’t drive any vehicle.

Zero Conditional Examples When

When in zero conditional doesn’t change the meaning when we replace it with when. Look at the following zero conditional examples using when.

  • When he eats too much, he gets fat.
  • When you arrive late to school, they don’t let you in.
  • When we put an iron in water, it sinks.
  • When we drop something, it falls.
  • When I get up early, I always go jogging. (This situation is generally true)
  • When someone waves this flag, it usually means danger.
  • When the sun sets, it gets dark.
  • The babies cry when they are hungry.

Zero Conditional Examples with Pictures

Zero Conditional Examples-1
Zero Conditional Examples-2

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