30 Examples of Adjectives with Sentences

30 Examples of Adjectives with Sentences! How would you describe a beautiful house? You’ll definitely use an adjective to describe it. An adjective is one of the most exciting parts of speech in English. An adjective adds further description to a noun. More specifically, they provide flourish to the English language. If you are looking to find what part of speech a word belongs to, do not waste any more time. In this list, we give 30 examples of adjectives with sentences that will help you correctly use adjectives in your sentences and writing.

30 Examples of Adjectives (List)

30 Examples of Adjectives with Sentences
  • Large
  • Many
  • Honest
  • Several
  • That
  • What
  • Own
  • Chief
  • My
  • Which
  • Either
  • Sunny
  • Senior
  • Shocked
  • Exciting
  • Every
  • Juicy
  • Preferable
  • Smart
  • Skillful
  • Complete
  • Elder
  • Enough
  • Active
  • Great
  • Cleverer
  • Young
  • Lazy
  • Whole
  • Little

30 Examples of Adjectives with Sentences

  1. We live in a large house.
  2. He has taught us many subjects.
  3. He is an honest teacher.
  4. I have noticed several mistakes in your writing.
  5. Please get me that cup.
  6. What kind of girl is she?
  7. I saw the incident with my own eyes.
  8. Happiness is the chief aim of mine.
  9. This is my bag.
  10. Which way did you decide to go?
  11. Either man has stolen my money.
  12. The weather today is sunny and warm.
  13. His brother is senior to me in service.
  14. After watching the whole movie, everyone was really shocked.
  15. We watched an exciting film last night.
  16. Every student was present.
  17. These mangoes are very juicy.
  18. Banana juice is preferable to coffee and tea.
  19. I am comparatively smarter than your brother.
  20. He is a skillful musician.
  21. You will never find a complete book on General Knowledge.
  22. My brothers are older than me by five years.
  23. They have had enough exercise.
  24. He is the most active and most energetic player in this club.
  25. You need to take great care of your health these days.
  26. You are both cleverer and more intelligent than other clerks in this office.
  27. My brother is a young player in the team.
  28. The lazy students were punished.
  29. The whole college is suffering from this disease.
  30. I have a little time for preparation.

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