100+ Examples of Past Continuous Tense (Affirmative, Negative and Interrogative)

100+ Examples of Past Continuous Tense! The past continuous is formed with the past form of the auxiliary verb to be and the present participle or continuous of the notional verb. We use it to express an action that began and continued for some time in the past.

Positive/Affirmative Sentences of Past Continuous Tense

100 Examples of Past Continuous Tense Affirmative
  • The children were swimming all last Sunday.
  • Her family was watching TV all evening.
  • While I was having a bath, the phone rang.
  • The children were sleeping deeply.
  • While he was talking to his friend on the phone, I came in.
  • All the guests with my family were eating dinner in the kitchen.
  • While she was dancing, I was watching a movie.
  • The earthquake began at midnight when we were sleeping.
  • At 9 o’clock in the morning, it was still raining.
  • The manager was thinking about the problem.
  • While the baby was sleeping, she was watching TV.
  • They were studying in the library from nine to eleven.
  • They all were drinking the cold water.
  • The dog was barking all day long yesterday.
  • My mom was preparing dinner while I was cleaning the room.
  • I was living in the UK when her father died.
  • My mother was baking a cake.
  • She was reading an ancient stories book.
  • The baby was crying all day long.
  • While she was having breakfast, the telephone rang.
  • While we were travelling, I was dreaming of distant places.
  • When I visited last month, they were living on the third floor.
  • The children were sticking all the pictures on the wall.
  • He was repairing the bike.
  • While they were commuting to work, we talked about their hobbies.
  • This time several years ago I was living in England.
  • The man was being careful.
  • The teacher was speaking loud enough.
  • He and his sister were singing together.
  • When we arrived, she was cooking the meal.
  • All the people were protesting in front of the bank.
  • When the professor arrived at his office, many students were waiting for him.
  • I drew maps as they were travelling.
  • We were shopping for a new fan but couldn’t find a nice one.

Negative Sentences of Past Continuous Tense

100 Examples of Past Continuous Tense Negative

S + was/were + not + V(ing) + O

  • We weren’t travelling by bus.
  • The professor was attending a conference.
  • I wasn’t getting up at that time every day that month.
  • I wasn’t swimming in this river.
  • The baby was not feeling fine an hour ago.
  • She was not feeling well.
  • The boy wasn’t paying attention.
  • He wasn’t always your letters in my letterbox.
  • He wasn’t leaving dirty clothes in the bedroom.
  • The laborer wasn’t complaining about the food.
  • The baby wasn’t drinking milk.
  • I wasn’t making maps.
  • They were not watering the flowers.
  • I wasn’t spreading rumours.
  • My grandmother wasn’t telling the stories.
  • I wasn’t studying English last night.
  • The man wasn’t driving too fast when the crash happened.
  • I wasn’t reading when my friend rang me up.
  • She was not studying when her mother came home.
  • The green light wasn’t blinking on and off.
  • He wasn’t studying as his father was arriving.

Interrogative Sentences of Past Continuous Tense

Was/were/Question word + S + V(ing) + O?

100+ Examples of Past Continuous Tense , Interrogative
  • Were you sleeping at 8 yesterday morning? 
  • Where was the lady going?
  • Was it snowing all day?
  • Were they helping us?
  • Who was using this toilet?
  • Were you cooking dinner when you remembered the song?
  • Were they trying hard?
  • Where were you working?
  • What was she watching on television last night?
  • Were the children laughing?
  • Were the customers being rude?
  • Was she hurrying home after classes when I met her?
  • Who else was working for him?
  • What was he doing at 12:00?
  • Were the students learning the lesson?
  • What was she doing at 10:00 last night?
  • Was something strange happening?
  • Which juice was she drinking?
  • Was she making pizza?
  • What was the man doing?
  • How fast is your father typing?
  • Was the mechanic repairing the car?
  • What were the two men discussing?
  • Who were you talking to when I came to your room?
  • Whose son was he chasing?
  • What were you eating when we came in?
  • How long were you sitting here?
  • Where was she sleeping when the baby fell from the stairs?
  • Was he taking medicine?
  • When were they sleeping?
  • Which game were they playing?
  • What were your friends doing when you saw them?
  • What were they doing when you got their hostel room?
  • Where was she waiting for us at five yesterday?
  • What were they discussing on this Question when we came in?
  • Where are you hurrying to?
  • Who were you meeting?
  • Where was he standing?
  • Whose house were those people cleaning?
  • How often was Ali visiting them?
  • What topic was the teacher discussing during class today?
  • Was the teacher sleeping in this room?
  • Where were you going when I met you at the milk shop yesterday?
  • How were the students travelling?
  • Where were you going? I saw you late in the evening.
  • How many eggs was the child eating?
  • Was she washing the dishes?
  • Was he going to the office?
  • Was he carrying the gun when the police arrested him?
  • Why were you carrying these things? Asked the detective.

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