50 Examples of Personal Pronouns in Sentences

50 Examples of Personal Pronouns in Sentences! The personal pronouns refer to the person speaking, the person being spoken to, or the person or thing spoken of. They are divided into three categories: first, second, and third; they are called persons.

50 Examples of Personal Pronouns in Sentences

Below are examples of personal pronouns in sentences. Each pronoun highlighted in bold is a personal pronoun.

50 Examples of Personal Pronouns in Sentences
  1. Ahmad waved at me.
  2. Mom baked us a cake, but she burned it.
  3. She made fourteen phone calls this evening.
  4. Why doesn’t the university give him his present?
  5. I gave him an expensive present, but he didn’t like it.
  6. Did they watch television yesterday?
  7. Have you been playing for long?
  8. I showed the manager my report.
  9. He brought his phone back to the store.
  10. We didn’t tell anyone about the new idea we had.
  11. I love bananas. I eat them every day. They make me feel happy.
  12. I don’t have my own pen. Can I use yours?
  13. A boy who lives near me plays football.
  14. She told me who was coming to my birthday party.
  15. Is her English getting better?
  16. His brother smoked 50 cigarettes a day when he was 20.
  17. The story about his death was so terrible that none of us believed it at first.
  18. Don’t forget to bring all your documents when you go to the college.
  19. Which seat is ours?
  20. I‘ll introduce you to my new friend, Yi Ling.
  21. I wondered where she was.
  22. He doesn’t grow up in Alaska.
  23. We were having a romantic dinner together.
  24. You need to concentrate on your studies.
  25. Where do you come from?
  26. Most people learn to sing when they are children.
  27. My friend’s parents live in England. They have been there for ten years.
  28. Unfortunately, my laptop isn’t as fast as yours.
  29. I saw the man give you the food for us.
  30. He has got something ofyours.
  31. I went to town with them.
  32. They have done a great job.
  33. The bricks fell on her.
  34. These shoes belong to her.
  35. Your shoes are the same age as mine.
  36. Does she have enough money?
  37. One of the men has left their coat behind.
  38. What are they going to do tomorrow evening?
  39. She and I have leather purses, but hers is smaller than mine.
  40. She got a new friend, but I don’t know his name.
  41. We bought our car three years ago.
  42. Ours is a rich country.
  43. They gave them their books.
  44. They enjoyed the party last night.
  45. It is I who have bought you this book.
  46. My friends and I will attend her wedding next week.
  47. She and I have finished our work.
  48. She laughed at me.
  49. I don’t know her as much as him.
  50. Those shoes are yours.

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