What Are The 20 Linking Verbs? Linking Verb Examples

What Are The 20 Linking Verbs? Linking verbs work as connectors in English sentences. They link the subject (the person or thing talked about) and the information regarding that person or thing. For example, “He is the manager.” In this example, “is” is the linking verb. It connects the subject “He” with “the manager”.

In this article, you’ll learn the 20 linking verbs with sentences.

What Are The 20 Linking Verbs? List of Linking Verbs

  1. Am
  2. Is
  3. Are
  4. Was
  5. Were
  6. Prove
  7. Remain
  8. Touch
  9. Taste
  10. Become
  11. Feel
  12. Seem
  13. Grow
  14. Sound
  15. Feel
  16. Smell
  17. Turn
  18. Went
  19. Look
  20. Weigh
What Are The 20 Linking Verbs

Linking Verbs Examples Sentences

  • Am: I am excited about his success in the exam.
  • Is: My father is a teacher.
  • Are: Giraffes are the tallest animal.
  • Was: The question was too much complicated.
  • Were: Many grounds were slippery after rain.
  • Seem: The man seems angry at me.
  • Become: His son became an engineer.
  • Remain: The students remained faithful to each other.
  • Taste: The rice tastes delicious.
  • Sound: The news sounds untrue.
  • Went: The man went away.
  • Look: That boy looks funny.
  • Feel: These clothes feel itchy.
  • Smell: The chicken curry smells terrific.
  • Grow: The matter grew worse.
  • Prove: After the excrement result, the teacher’s hypothesis proved true.
  • Weigh: It weighs 50kg.

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